The unlikely staging is underpinned by a touch of surrealism. The glance of the characters, as if suspended, observes around as much as it reverses to question their own interiority. They camp in a setting where landscapes, fauna and objects, gathered in a manner apparently absurd or extravagant and pose a few recurring philosophical themes, where the woman shows herself in all her representations: woman, mother, girl, and idol...
In this series of unusual portraits, large formats worked exclusively with oil and impregnated with the great masters of painting, appears, here, a happy little girl who sees her destiny preprogrammed falter while unexpectedly reading a book of Anais Nin "the broom of the woman in pink". There, a contemporary avatar of the "Goddess Mother Hen" is nonchalantly playing fertility "Ah if you knew my hen". Elsewhere, a lonely elderly woman facing the absence, the missing part, "l'Impasse... l'autre reste" or on a urban backdrop threatened by floods, the self-portrait of the artist naked as Eve, facing a young veiled woman and probing the free will of Women, its link with the body friend or foe, its destiny through different cultures "Le premier de nous deux qui rira ....".


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