Laina Hadengue, born in 1962 in Valencia, lives and works in Toulouse.
The artist's niece Sebastien Hadengue, the last painter revealed by the art dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

For a great originality in the work of Laina Hadengue growing so in an environment very prolific artist, whose uncle, grandfather and great grandfather were painters.

Being particularly Chazotte Yvan (the fine teacher - Arts in Paris and first prize of Rome) it decides to pass on his knowledge.

After a course more figurative until 1999, she turns up the numbers to move towards pure abstraction.

"A major technical aspect of my work consists of working on matter and transparency. I am gradually introducing plastics, collage, Plexiglas and, more recently, various manufactured objects such as oilcloth, appropriated everyday objects, plastic or collectors' toys, newspapers, etc. This work is somewhat related to the French artistic movement 'Art Modeste' launched by the artist Hervé Di Rosa. "… 'art modeste' highlights the most banal, everyday things by looking at them in a way that is no longer utilitarian but full of affection thanks to assemblies, scene-settings and the creation of environments that give them a soul."

These incorporations allow quasi-sculptural volume work with the canvas, with a mingling of painting and transparent screens that diffract light in various ways. 

They belong to the world of childhood or the adult, these inclusions allow a working volume of the canvas,
almost sculptural, mixing paint and screen transparent diffracting light of different ways, participating in the transfiguration of everyday objects.

The artist identifies a new aesthetic and a contemporary form of language free from the constraints of proprietary paint.



Museum of Borneim, Belgium

Vasarely Museum Foundation Gordes

Collection of House Graham Lambert, England


Selection of the video: "Conscience mother effect" in the best film category artist

Since 2007 Artists Gathering Degradarte, Italy

Since 2003 Federation of Italian artists, active professional member of Arco

2007 Korea Contemporary Art Association, active member


2006/ Price Contemporary Art space for Dialogos "The greatest inovation



Selected of exhibitions:

2015: "Feminity" ARTEMISIA GALLERY, New York

2014: Du 24 au 30 Novembre "festival "Courts devant" Paris

2014: Du 27 au 30 Novembre Mac Paris

2014: Select Art Fair Chelsea 27 8/11 mai 2014


2013: ARTEMISIA GALLERY, New York (Octobre)

2013: Biennale d'Issy, Paris (Octobre-novembre 2013)

2013: Galerie Lulu Mirette

2011: Exhibition collective, Arcos Italy

2009: AAF London

2008: Projection video space dialogos Paris

2008: Espace Dialogos, Cachan


AAF, London

2007: Seoul Art Center Manif Korea.


London AAF, 

Art Metz.

2007: Participation in the movement Degradarte, Rome Italy

2006: AAF, London. ARTEMISIA GALLERY, London.

2006: Smart Martigues, French, 

2005: The Galleria transito, Italy.

2004: Smar't Martigues.

Museum of Contemporary Art Toulouse (Art on the spot). 

Gallery A, Carcassonne. 

Space Capitole, Toulouse.

2004: Museum Art Contemporary Toulouse

2002: Center \ Contemporary Art, the Grande Arche de la Defense, Paris

2002: Communication and Art Gallery, Paris.

2001: Gallery BCT, Spain.

2000: Contemporary Art Space, Borneim Belgium.

2000: Communication and Art Gallery, Paris. 1999: Centre for Contemporary Art Antwerp

1999: Communication and Art Gallery, Paris. Centre for Contemporary Art Antwerp

1987: Hangar 5, Bordeaux 

1986: AGF, Bordeaux etc…