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"The illegible word infers something that is depicted".

HIERRO offers us a pictorial reflection on the presumed real meaning of words and speech in the form of "well thought-out abstraction", imprint of the imagery of Urban Art, Pop Art, as well as calligraph and illumination.

Hierro questions himself and questions us on our relation to Art and our own presumptions of being able to read and understand a work of art. By imposing a time for decryption, he forces himself and us to take a minimum time of reading and understanding in a society where the speed at which one image chases away another, is incessant and where the concept itself of time and space is shrinking by the second. 

This time offered by the artist for reading, aims at emphasizing the importance of the meaning of words, therefore of things, all the while analyzing our weaknesses and understanding them. 


"We believe mistakenly that we live in a world of images, but we live in a world of words, the word revealing the meaning of the image”.