The technique used by Juliette plays an essential part in her work. In a shown quest of aestheticism, Juliette Clovis delivers in her work her vision of beauty and strange, trying to hypnotize the spectator and to attract him in her ultra feminine universe. The artist reworks, revises and mixes ethnic codes, historical and religious references, and imaginary and fantasy worlds to create her characters, her women, whom she wants strong and intriguing, sometimes mysterious but always powerful. A black bottom, bodies in gradations of grey and red mouths are her signature. Her women’s eyes, most of the times in different colors and always deformed, intrigue and attract. Alternately queens, madones, geisha girls, divinities, warriors or more recently chimeras, Juliette Clovis' creatures evolve between reality and imagination, between spirituality and provocation, between coolness and sensualism.The artist apprehends each artwork as a piece of high fashion design, on which she can  spend  hundreds of working hours for certain pieces.  The support she uses is the Plexiglas on which she is going, like a lacemaker, to stick and  cut all by  hand 5 or 6 layers of vinyl one by one in a superimposition necessary for the realization of the picture. We need to approach one of her creatures and even to dare to touch it to become aware of this unique technique which the artist works and improves for more than 10 years and which she has initiated.

She participates to several exhibitions and fairs in Europe, New York and Asia and her work is now represented by about 10 french and foreign galleries.

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